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The gift of choice for the home heating oil market

UK households can now buy their home heating oil online from a network of independent fuel suppliers through the new Homeheatingoil.co.uk.  Homeheatingoil.co.uk is the only site of its kind dedicated to independent, local oil suppliers and since its launch in September 2012, new suppliers across the country are joining each week. The site offers complete transparency, allowing customers to compare the prices and service ratings of suppliers who can deliver in their area before making an informed purchase.

The customer seeks to put the customer in control of their purchase from start to finish. Once customers have entered their oil requirement and postcode, the website shows them all the available suppliers along with their prices and customer service ratings. Price is not the only factor people care about when purchasing home heating oil – customer service is also important. This information helps customers make the choice that is right for them.

There is no shortage of websites promising the cheapest price for home heating oil but only homeheatingoil.co.uk lets customers compare prices and customer service ratings and then choose who they want to buy from based on what matters the most to them.

Other leading sites claim to provide a quote for the cheapest oil price but the customer is not told who the supplier is, nor are they given the option of choosing for themselves. homeheatingoil.co.uk is different and with distrust towards fuel companies mounting, it brings some much-needed transparency and accountability to the online market.

Participating suppliers pay much lower commission rates compared with other sites and with rates staying low even during peak periods, suppliers can pass on those cost savings to customers. Oil companies can also update their prices as often as they wish so customers know that they are getting the best deal available.

It is hoped that homeheatingoil.co.uk will improve competition in the home heating oil market by providing customers with a more transparent service at fairer prices, but without squeezing the already low margins of some smaller, owner-managed distributors.

Homeheatingoil.co.uk at a glance:

  • A new website for home heating oil that gives the customer the power to choose who they want to buy from
  • Customer service ratings, supplier locality and updated prices give people the information they need to choose the right supplier
  • Competitive prices as suppliers pay low commission rates
  • Dedicated to supporting local, independent and family-run suppliers
  • Supply across the UK
  • A fairer deal for customers and owner-managed suppliers alike
  • Operated by Sprint Fuels Online Ltd, an independent company from Kent
  • All payments are processed by independent online company, PayPoint
  • To make an order, customers specify their postcode, fuel quantity and when they need it delivered. They can then review supplier’s prices and review ratings and make their choice. Homeheatingoil.co.uk never stores card details.

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